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1 OZ Silver Bar or Round

1 OZ Silver Eagle

1 Morgan Dollar (Xf-BU)

Fenton Burmese Glass Vase
Cycle of Coal Reverse

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Fenton Orange Slice Puff Box

WV 150th Obverse

* Edition size

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WV 150th Reverse

When you purchase metals, you are buying an asset valued since ancient times. The great thing about buying metals is there is absolutely no wrong reason to get started. Buy from The Bronze Look and ensure you make a wise choice today!​

Cycle of Coal:

1863 *

Fenton "Windy Walk" carved vase


Silver Bundle
Cycle of Coal

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​All Morgan Dollars are Pre 21

Windy Walk

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Windy Walk

14k gold Cameo Pendant

Features Anna Jarvis, West Virginia native and founder of Mother's Day & the three crosses often found traveling the mountains of WV

Anna Jarvis Reverse
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901 Mercer Street, Princeton, WV.

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Silver Bundle
14k gold Cameo Pendant

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 Anna Jarvis

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Mother's Day Coin:

founder's message
Anna Jarvis Obverse



No Tax on Gold or Silver in WV!

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 West Virginia Sesquicentennial Heritage Coin 

500 *

Cameo Necklace

Features thirty-five stars representing the 35th state, the pink slip representing instability associated with the coal industry & company store scrip, a method of payment to miners in early years

Princeton Railroad Museum

1 Tube of 20

90% Walking Liberty and Franklin

Half Dollars (Various dates our choice)

90% Silver Half Dollars

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Fenton Orange Slice Puff Box
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American made by WV companies Jabo, Champion & Marble King

West Virginia Heritage


Princeton Railroad Museum

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Patriot 1 OZ Silver Round American Revolution

Fenton Burmese Glass Basket

We have $20 Gold pieces and Gold by the Gram Bars

Fenton Burmese Glass Vase

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Cycle of Coal Obverse

200 *

Mothers Day Coin

Coming July 4th!

Pink Slip


Features Lady West Virginia spreading joy across the landscape of WV & the three crosses often found traveling the mountains of WV

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