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West Virginia 150th Sesquicentennial Heritage Coin

500 *

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Pink Slip

March 3, 1863 Twenty Five Cents Washington Fractional Currency

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Princeton Railroad Museum

Ladies Week Out

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Thru Saturday 21 October 2017

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Princeton Railroad Museum

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Donald Trump

Donald Trump .999 Silver Coin

Cycle of Coal Reverse

 Assets You Can Touch!silver and gold

estate of gold
Ladies Day Out

Features Anna Jarvis, West Virginia native and founder of Mother's Day & the three crosses often found traveling the mountains of WV

1907 Series
Woodchopper $5 Bill

Feautring Andrew Jackson

Apple Pie

Anna Jarvis Reverse

Limited Edition

Stagecoach Antique Mall

Morgan Weistling

Ebay store Bronze Look
  • 2 carat TW
  • 14k White Gold

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7th Annual

1907 Woodchopper $5
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Silver Eagle Obverse

Callin' the Blue

Features Lady West Virginia spreading joy across the landscape of WV & the three crosses often found traveling the mountains of WV

Includes General Robert E Lee, General Longstreet & Aide-de-camp Walter H Taylor at Grace Episcopal Church, Berryville, Virginia on June 21, 1863

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Features thirty-five stars representing the 35th state, the pink slip representing instability associated with the coal industry & company store scrip, a method of payment to miners in early years

mercury dimes
Ladies Day Out
Cycle of Coal Obverse

200 *

Princeton Mercer County Chamber of Commerce

$20 Saint Gaudens Double Eagle 

Meeting at Grace Church
1863 Washington fractional currency
Donald Trump Obverse

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Donald Trump Reverse
WV 150th Obverse

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Callin the Blue
Apple Pie

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Fall Leaf


West Virginia Heritage Series 

look and talk
Silver Eagle Reverse
Every City USA
St Gaudens Reverse
peace dollar reverse

 Anna Jarvis

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Mother's Day Coin:

peace dollar obverse

These Republican presidents are enjoying each other's company as our great nation's first president's portrait casts his spirit over them

founder's message
St Gaudens Obverse
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(1) Random Date Mercury Dime

Anna Jarvis Obverse
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​90% Silver

March 3, 1863 Twenty Five Cents

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John Paul Strain

  • 1 carat TW
  • 14k White Gold

Available for viewing at our Bluefield location

WV 150th Reverse

When you purchase metals, you are buying an asset valued since ancient times. The great thing about buying metals is there is absolutely no wrong reason to get started. Buy from The Bronze Look and ensure you make a wise choice today!​

(1) Random Date Walking Liberty Half Dollar

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Mama Kay's
Fall Leaf

Cycle of Coal:

1863 *

Fall Leaf

Captures the mood and serene atmosphere at the heart of any kitchen - a person cooking is a person giving and preparing even the smallest of recipes is a gift

more 90% silver
Fall Leaf

One of our best sellers! Made of .999 silver and available in 1 oz & 2 oz depicting our 45th President, Donald Trump

Meeting at Grace Church