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1 oz RMC Silver Round

As low as $611.03


Morgan Silver Dollar


West Virginia Heritage Coin Collection


As low as $19.05


West Virginia Sesquicentennial

Minted in 2014, the second coin in our series represents The Cycle of Coal that for years West Virginia miners have endured. The thirty five stars represent the 35th state and the Pink Slip represents the instability associated with the coal industry.The reverse is symbolic of a modern day company store with a scrip facsimile that was a frequent method of pay to miners in early years.  

As low as $18.87

The first coin in our series represents Lady West Virginia spreading joy across the landscape of West Virginia with optimistic rays for another year after 150 years of existence. The thirty five stars represent the Wild and Wonderful's admission to the Union and on the reverse one sees a black bear coming from rhododendron with the three crosses frequently found on many WV mountains. 

As low as $98.42

Mother's Day Coin: Honoring Anna Jarvis

West Virginia is one of two states formed out of the American Civil War, and the only state to form by seceding from a Confederate state. Its history has been profoundly affected by its mountainous terrain, spectacular river valleys, and rich natural resources. Our series of WV fine silver coins help tell the story of the state and the rugged and determined spirit of its people.


Various Dates Pre-1921

Minted in 2016, the third coin in our series remembers the founder of Mother's Day- West Virginia's Anna Jarvis. First celebrated in Grafton, West Virginia in 1908, the image depicts a pioneer woman of holding a child. The reverse is the same image as the first Heritage coin and is repeated due to its popularity and represents images frequently found when traveling thru West Virginia.      

1 Kilo RMC Silver Bar

Elemetal 5 oz Silver USA Bar

Edition Size: 500

.999 1oz. Fine Silver

Proof Like Finish

Commissioned in 2014

Edition Size: 1863

.999 1oz. Fine Silver

Proof Like Finish


The Cycle of Coal: Pink Slip

Elemetal 1 oz Silver Round

Edition Size: 1863

.999 1oz. Fine Silver

Proof Like Finish

Commissioned in 2013

90% Dimes ($5 FV)

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