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Princeton Railroad Museum
1996 American Silver Eagle

​(1) Random Date Peace Dollar


Features Anna Jarvis, West Virginia native and founder of Mother's Day & the three crosses often found traveling the mountains of WV

1 oz Proof American Silver Eagle *

buy walking liberty half dollar random date

Features thirty-five stars representing the 35th state, the pink slip representing instability associated with the coal industry & company store scrip, a method of payment to miners in early years

Dave Fetty Hanging Diamond Bear

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Mother's Day Coin:

Made by Blenko Glass Company and showcases the unique beauty of WV hand-blown glass.  Each decanter is signed by glass artisan Randy Rider.

(1) Random Date Franklin Half Dollar

Franklin Half Obverse
WV 150th Reverse


No two alike!

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Princeton Railroad Museum

Donald Trump
Cycle of Coal Obverse

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200 *

Ron Hinkle Potion Bottle

Limited Edition Collectible Silver Coins

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Ron Hinkle Potion Bottle

look and talk

Limited edition representing the chaotic formation of our beloved state during The Civil War


founder's message

The 1996 American Silver Eagle represents the 10th anniversary of production. This key-date Silver Eagle has a relatively low mintage of only 3.6 Million coins 

more 90% silver

One of our best sellers! Made of .999 silver and depicts our 45th President, Donald Trump

Bluefield Blenko Decanter

Our exclusive Hanging Diamond Bear, made by WV glass artisan Dave Fetty. If diamonds are indeed a girl's best friend, our little bear will steal any girl's heart. No two are alike. 

Walking Liberty Half Obverse
Ruby Blenko Basket

Features Lady West Virginia spreading joy across the landscape of WV & the three crosses often found traveling the mountains of WV

Donald Trump Obverse

We buy gold and silver

WV Fire & Ice Vase
WV 150th Obverse
Every City USA
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Riff Raff Arts Collective

 Anna Jarvis

VIP Membership
Anna Jarvis Obverse

Ruby Blenko Holiday Basket

When you purchase metals, you are buying an asset valued since ancient times. The great thing about buying metals is there is absolutely no wrong reason to get started. Buy from The Bronze Look and ensure you make a wise choice today!​

(1) Random Date Walking Liberty Half Dollar

1863 *

random date franklin half
1996 American Silver Eagle

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A West Virginia Company

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West Virginia 150th Sesquicentennial Heritage Coin

Our WV
Anna Jarvis Reverse
Stagecoach Antique Mall
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Proof Silver Eagle
Donald Trump Reverse
Ruby Blenko Basket
random date peace dollar
peace dollar reverse

Limited edition of 75 baskets made exclusively for our company by Blenko glass. Ideal for holding Valentines Day candy, Easter eggs or ornaments at Christmas

​90% Silver

Cycle of Coal:


Dave Fetty Hanging Diamond Bear

Art Gallery

We have something for everyone's taste in art! 

peace dollar obverse

WV Fire & Ice Vase

Whether you have broken jewelry, scrap gold, old silver and/or coins cluttering up your drawers, we can help turn it into cash

Proof American Silver Eagle
Franklin Half Reverse

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ANA Member
Father's Day
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500 *



Pink Slip

Donald Trump .999 Silver Coin

Bronze Look Exclusives

Cycle of Coal Reverse

 Assets You Can Touch!silver and gold

Add a little magic to your life with this unique potion bottle created exclusively for The Bronze Look by WV artisan Ron Hinkle. No two are alike.

1996 American Silver Eagle

Bluefield Blenko Decanter

Among the most collectible coins, proof-struck coins like the American Silver Eagle are of limited mintage and renowned for their artistry. 

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* Edition size

Father's Day
Walking Liberty Half Reverse

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