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Please use the following form to send us a picture of your gold and silver. We will contact you upon receipt and inspection of the picture. Please note, if you have more than one picture to send, you will need to send the form again.

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We prefer to buy estates of raw silver coins all prior to 1964 but we buy jewelry including diamonds. Many other companies buy certified coins but our clients prefer the raw coins for their collections. We do buy certified coins but prefer to broker the higher end coins to one of our many clients for a small fee. We buy unwanted gold and silver items such as broken jewelry, sterling silver items, mismatched silverware, silver bullion, and in some instances pocket watches that are operable. Our buying prices are based upon current market and real time data. Our clients tell us that we are fair and we strive to always offer the most for unwanted gold and silver items and/or diamonds. 

Many of our clients over the past seven years have preferred to sell to us rather than place items at auctions with no reserves. In many instances, numismatic items are purchased at auctions or from television shows with no real value and it disappoints us that we have to tell someone that tribute coins and copy coins, or plated jewelry have little to no value.

We have two major buying locations in southern West Virginia in Bluefield and Princeton. We also have a main showroom in downtown Princeton that attracts our clients from a large geographical area. At each location we do feature art glass made in West Virginia and artwork by various artists both nationally and regionally known. Appointments are available and recommended for best customer service when selling an estate or collection valued over $5000. 

We can provide appraisals of coins and currency based upon current market conditions and have divided estates for our clients when requested for a small fee. Please allow ample time for reviewing any group of items. We do require positive identification of anyone that wants to sell to us and do not pawn. We write checks for both your and our protection. We do not pay with cash and do not want to be associated as a cash for gold or a cash for silver place.

We do accept collections that are shipped insured via Fed-Ex, UPS, or the Postal Service. For information about the procedures to be followed for shipping please call us at (304) 425-5005 or email us at Please leave a phone number or provide a phone number that can be reached to discuss the items and the best time to return the call.

Thanks for considering our company for either buying or selling. We can provide references both financial and personal. All transactions are kept in confidence but do meet all requirements of both Federal and State regulations.

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