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Self Portrait, 5/06, 9 x 12 watercolor on paper

East Wind - Robert Doering

Emaeus Road

Pastel Fantasy Surrealism

Robert Doering was born in St. Joseph, Michigan and attended Hope College studying fine arts and ancient history. We like history at our gallery and sell history. With the influence of ancient history combined with surrealism, Robert has shown nationwide in various art competitions and one man shows since the 1980's. His work has been featured in galleries of New York City, Chicago, Detroit, Ann Arbor and other major cities in the Midwest. He is a preferred artist at the various galleries in The Bronze Look, LLC.
Robert now resides in West Virginia raising cattle organically at Sarver Heritage Farms in Greenbrier County and is involved in many different ventures. He is known for stepping into remnants of grass and is a creative thinker.
Best described as fanciful or surreal, Robert's work comes from the mind. A stream of consciousness directs his hand as he conveys what he sees in his mind to a finished work. Not knowing what is created always provides the intrigue in his work.

Robert Doering

About the Artist:

Emaeus Road - Robert Doering

East Wind

Pastel Fantasy Surrealism

Broken Road - Robert Doering

Broken Road

Pastel Fantasy Surrealism

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